Investment Facilitation Agreement India: All You Need to Know

India has been making significant strides in its economic growth in recent years. With the Indian Government`s continued efforts to improve the ease of doing business, the country has become a popular investment destination for investors worldwide.

To make the investment process smoother, the Indian Government has signed several bilateral investment treaties (BITs) with other countries. One such initiative is the Investment Facilitation Agreement (IFA).

What is the Investment Facilitation Agreement (IFA)?

The IFA is a bilateral agreement between two countries designed to promote and facilitate foreign investment. The agreement includes provisions related to investment protection, investment facilitation, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

The IFA`s primary objective is to provide foreign investors with a transparent and predictable investment environment, thereby attracting more investments to the host country.

India has signed IFAs with countries like Japan, Australia, Finland, Brazil, and the United Kingdom, among others.

What are the benefits of the Investment Facilitation Agreement?

Investors benefit from IFAs in many ways. Some of these benefits include:

1. Facilitated investment process: IFAs provide clear and transparent investment guidelines, making the investment process more streamlined.

2. Investment protection: IFAs allow foreign investors to protect their investments from expropriation and other forms of unfair treatment.

3. Dispute resolution: IFAs provide dispute resolution mechanisms that the investor can use in case of any conflicts.

4. Fair treatment: IFAs ensure that the investor receives fair and equitable treatment and is not subjected to discriminatory laws or policies.

Investment Facilitation Agreement India (IFA India)

India has signed an IFA with Japan, the first of its kind between the two countries, in January 2021. The IFA India aims to increase and accelerate Japanese investment in India through the establishment of a framework that supports smooth and efficient investment procedures.

The IFA India covers various sectors, including manufacturing, intellectual property rights, services, and more.

India has also signed IFAs with other countries, including Australia, Finland, and the United Kingdom.


IFAs play a vital role in facilitating foreign investments and provide a transparent and predictable investment environment. With the Indian Government`s commitment to improving the ease of doing business, investment opportunities are expected to rise, making IFAs even more attractive to foreign investors.

If you are looking to invest in India, it is advisable to review the Investment Facilitation Agreement to understand the benefits and requirements it offers.